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Papillon looks like a traditional, heavy casserole but what you see is not always what you get. This modern casserole has its own unique personality and may even become your new favourite centrepiece. It is light and easy to use – you will use it time and time again for all kinds of dishes!

Multifunctional: Suitable for slow cooking, golden browning, re-warming and, of course, delicious, traditional stews.
Ingenious self moistening system: Your dish is kept twice as moist in this unique pan as it would in a traditional casserole. First of all, the condensation that forms during cooking is continuously and uniformly redistributed over the food during cooking thanks to the buds on the underside of the lid. Secondly, the combination of the ceramic lid and the aluminium casserole creates the ideal warm-cold effect. The aluminium pot heats up quickly and the ceramic lid remains cooler longer. This difference in temperature results in extra moisture and extra circulation. The result? Your meat and vegetables are even more tender.
User-friendly: Thanks to the ceramic non-stick layer, your food slides out of the pan with no effort at all. Easy to clean.
Energy-saving: The light aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat, which means that cooking at low to medium heat is sufficient for reaching the right cooking temperature.

Guarantee -5 year
Diameter - 24 cm
Volume - 4.5 l
Material - Die cast aluminium
Material side handle - Die cast aluminium
Length - 31.30cm
Width - 26.50
Weight - 2.21kg