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How many cups are in the set?
These cups come as a pair, making them ideal for couples and close friends. Or combine them with different colours and sizes and make them part of a mix-and-match set.

Is the porcelain chemical free?
Yes, our porcelain products are all made from our premium Cretasolis porcelain that is 100% lead and cadmium free. When you select the best tea you want to be sure that nothing is compromised and especially not leaching harmful chemicals into your tea. Our porcelain has been developed with your health in mind so you can focus on enjoying your favourite beverage.

Are these cups double-walled?
Yes, these clever ceramic cups have a double-walled design to keep your drink warm while keeping the outside of the cup from getting too hot.

What is the advantage of porcelain?
Porcelain is a wonderful, natural material that is durable, has a low impact on the environment, and will last years and years. This weight and texture of this beautiful material brings an enjoyable tactile dimension to your favourite beverage.

What is the best way to clean these cups?
These durable cups are dishwasher safe, but they’re just as easy to hand wash like you would any other cup.

How big are they?
The Nicola tea cups have a 165mL capacity, this is the same size as a standard teacup, and smaller than a standard mug.