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Carbon steel is the best performing and most common material for Asian style woks. The blue carbon steel is an excellent heat conductor meaning it heats up in no time and distributes the warmth optimally. Plus this material is suitable for high temperatures, making it the ultimate choice for stir-frying.

Easy to wok, ready to use. This blue carbon steel wok is pre-seasoned with a natural layer of patina, resulting in a ready to use slippery non-stick surface. Allowing you to get wokking straight from the box.

The pre-seasoning process consists of sealing natural oils at intense heat, which created a strong natural non-stick patina layer, free from chemicals like PFOA and PFOS.

For an even longer lasting optimal wok experience, we recommend repeating the seasoning process during use. Doubling this seasoning will create an even stronger and durable natural layer of patina. Hand wash is recommended otherwise the patina will be broken afterwards.

This flat bottom wok sits securely on any stovetop. Suitable for all hobs, including induction.