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Easy to use, flexible handling and reliable function, coupled with intelligent design, that’s the CITROLIME lemon squeezer. CITROLIME has two different sized squeezing cones for lemon or lime and a flexible silicone pouring funnel. The pouring funnel can be quickly placed in the correct position to suit the size of squeezing cone currently required. By pressing and twisting the fruit, the fruit juice collects in the funnel. The fruit juice can be poured out through the spout with fruit stoppers that hold back unwanted pieces and seeds, which is integrated in the funnel. The lemon squeezer is supplied with a stand. As a result, the lemon squeezer can not only be used in the hand or on a container but also on the stand. The squeezing cones can be pulled apart and the silicone funnel can be easily removed so that CITROLIME can be thoroughly cleaned under running water after each use.

Size: 10.4 x 16.2cm


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